Brunerie agency was born in 1954. Since then, it’s constantly renewed between tradition and innovation.

The agency now has three Brunerie’s generations (Henri, Pierre and Thomas), as well as association of brilliant personalities : Jean-François Irissou, Guillaume Saunier and David Perez who maintain same continuity and agency’s architectural philosophy : "Listening, rigor and control".



Reputation of agency is based on our rigorous and reasoned architectural approach, and on our desire to control budget and deadlines at every project’s step, till work’s delivery.

We help our clients achieve their goals, and want to build trust with them based on our work quality and strength of our commitment.


We founded our association on belief that built environment's quality improves social, family and professional relationships and contributes to raising level - material and spiritual - of our lives.

Our buildings answer our customers’ fundamental objectives. Beyond this, they're part of context dominated by place (urban or rural environment, climate) and moment (history and culture).

We pay the greatest attention to this context.


We refute style, and seek in great historical currents a methodological nature's input :

- classical architecture reveals constant concern for clarity and precision in spaces’ organization, using systematically scheduling's notion which has close resonances with our frame's handling.

- our approach is guided by timeless values as expressed in vernacular tradition : utility, economy of means, adaptation to context.


Each building is unique. We are questioning ourselves for any new project. This implies a return to principles regarding general organization, frame, envelope and exchanges of energy, technical integration ... Our approach is freedom and allows integration of these changing benchmarks as projects move forward.

Environmental awareness and energy performance demand give new impetus to our work today.


Building's world, which is believed to be not very evolutionary, invents constantly new construction processes. We are fully aware that everything we design and draw is ultimately produced, transported and implemented by industry.

We see this as an opportunity : to use these immense assembly possibilities to meet today's new requirements, particularly for environment respect and energy performance, while taking into account speed requirements and efficiency characterizing our time. This is our action principle.


Building Information Modelling (BIM) is an approach based on building's overall modelling in all aspects (architectural, technical, structural, economic, etc.). It also makes it possible to centralize information produced by different actors around a same model : communication between partners is more efficient and future building's representation is more faithful.

This transition to BIM started in 2015 in Brunerie & Irissou Architectes agency. Currently, 50% of our agency's architects have been trained at Revit and we can answer our customer’s and building owners’ growing demands.


3 complementary subsidiaries are integrated into our agency for better project management from beginning to end :


Subsidiary specializing in site planning

The pragma subsidiary specializes in construction economics, BIM management, AMO, sustainable development and other missions related to architecture.

Parisian branch of the agency

Chinese branch of the agency


  • Commercial Urbanism

  • Industry (factories and offices)

  • Tertiary (administrative, banks)

  • Socio-medical (retirement homes, EHPAD, FAM, MAS)

  • Cultural and academic

  • Sports (stadiums)

  • Tourism and hotels

  • Housing and accommodations


Alain Mazal


Alexandre Mestre


Arnaud Riff


Audrey Sigrist

Chef de projet

Alexandre Mouly

Directeur de travaux

Bruno Lebrun

Directeur de travaux

Christophe Izar

Chef de projet

Daniel Fructuoso


Elizabeth Lopez-Bories

Assistante de projet

Emilie Serris


Etienne Lemener


Evelyne Rocher


Fanny Crépin

Assistante de projet

Fouad Ait-Djebara

Chef de projet

Gilbert Marco


Grégoire Pinganaud


Hugues Moyen


Jean-Michel Teule

Chef de projet

Jean-Paul Andrieu

Chargé d'études

Jean-Philippe Monferran


Joao Alves

Graphiste 3D

Karl Lartigue


Khoa Tran

Chef de projet

Laetitia Berthezene


Laetitia Guillen

Assistante de direction

Laura Gonzalez

Assistante de projet

Laurent Vauquier


Line Loda

Secrétaire technique

Loïc Mas

Directeur d'agence

Louis Aupin

Chef de projet

Lynda Razafindravonjy


Marie Galinier

Chef de projet

Marie Tritter

Assistante de projet

Marjorie Sirven

Référente BIM

Mathieu Yrissou

Directeur de travaux

Matthieu Brousse

Chef de projet

Mirabelle Alliou

Assistante de projet

Nathalie Greisner


Oleksandra Zahoruiko

Assistante de projet

Patricia Bouzas-Pascual

Chef de projet

Philippe Salon

Chef de projet

Pierre Bieysse


Pierre Deymie

Chef de projet

Salma Mastour

Assistante de projet

Sarah Gauthier

Chargée d'appels d'offres et communication

Serge Roques

Chef de projet

Vincent Triolet

Directeur de travaux

Yuliia Svichynska

Assistante de projet